I come from the Sologne region, in between forests and marshes, near Chambord, in France.

I have always been attracted by beautiful lines, complexity of texture and working on different materials, which led me to study product design and to work in this field for almost ten years. 

Tired of the urban environment that limited my creativity, I moved to Correns, a small village in Provence. My work has since then been enriched by the exploration of nature and respect for the environment. 

I like to reveal its essence, its complexity and its nuances. 

I intentionally make my intervention not too discernible, I like to express things close to their raw, pure and original state. To let the primordial forces of nature express themselves. My work consists in finding the essence, getting rid of the superfluous while always looking for poetry. Approach simplicity and hope to capture the extraordinary, at the heart of the ordinary.

I try to respect the forms that nature dictates me, to discover the poetry of irregularities, to make visible the granularity of textures, the evanescence of colours and impermanence. To accept the unexpected and let things be. 

I like to create intimate objects, which invite slowness, reverie and contemplation. I favour simple forms so that my creations live freely with their surroundings and convey a certain sensitive serenity.

Mathieu Segret